Standard Service

(For about 1.5 hr)


Our Basic Service ensures your engine is protected and we get you back on the road with a minimum of fuss and it all comes at a price to suit your pocket.

Change oil and filter

Check air filter and clean

Check spark plug

Check coolant system and top up

Visually check brake pads and rotors

Check brake fluid and leak

Check drive belts and report

Test battery condition and treat terminals (by using PICO scope)

Check transmission fluid and top up

Check window washers and refill the fluid

Check wiper blades

Check power steer fluid and top up

Check shock absorber

Check CV joints

Visually inspect steering and suspension components

Check lights

Check cambelt data and report (Chain type excluded)

Check tyre condition and air pressure

Check warning messages on dashboard and report

Lubricate door hinges

Ensure WOF and registration are up to date

Note and report on any leaks, faults or potential problems going forward


Road test

Premium Service

(For about 3.5 hrs)

Standard Service plus:

Change CVT/ATF/Gear Box/DCT/DSG oil

Replace air filter

Replace fuel filter

Replace pollen filter

Replace spark plugs

Wheels off service and adjust brakes

Adjust park brake

Change differential oil (4WD)

Analyse exhaust gas and report

Lubricate door hinges and joints

Check aircon temperature and gas pressure (Summer)

Check heater temperature (Winter)

Check coolant circulation (water pump/fan/thermostat)

Check the temperature cooling fan is working

Check temperature the thermostat opens

Check radiator (Normal cooling)

Check micro leak of coolant line

Check compression pressure of cylinder (indirect check by PICO scope)


Premium Grooming (wash and vacuum)

Road test


Change front differential oil

Change rear differential oil

Change transfer oil

We carry out all types of servicing on all makes of vehicle old or new.

We have the expertise which allows us to carry out professional servicing

at the best price.

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